I need to meet this man. Right now.

Joe wants to meet him too.

Crochet pants people!

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Coconut and Peaches

I’m in love with two baby bunnies!  Not real bunnies (although I had a wonderful rabbit named Mabel when I was in high school), but Sonja Ahlers bunnies that she sells on Etsy.  I’ve seen them on some blogs that I read (maybe it was on Fieldguided first, I can’t remember), and I’ve always wanted one.  There haven’t been any on Etsy for a while, so when I checked the last time and saw new bunnies, I was so excited!

These little creatures are totally useless and totally cute.  Every woman who saw my first bunny, Coconut, freaked out over her cuteness.  People were visiting my desk at work and asking after Coco!  She comes to work with me and I always take her home of course, just so she won’t get lonely.

I got my second bunny, Peaches, as a good luck charm for home.  She sits with my husband most days while he works, although he tells me that she sometimes gets up and goes into the fridge for a snack.  I’ve never seen either bunny awake, but he has lots of times.  Mostly they sleep peacefully, what a life!

Coconut is the white, small bunny, and Peaches is the (in Sonja Ahlers’ words) “capezio ballet slipper” coloured bunny.  Normally Peaches sleeps in a small bowl, but Joe thought that today they would like a snuggle.  Enjoy the cuteness!













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My answer to hat jealousy

It has been a long time since I’ve posted, and I’ve made about a million things in the meantime!  I did actually make a slouchy hat similar to the one Rachel McAdams is wearing in my previous post.  I’m pretty happy about it, except that I used a finer weight yarn than the one she has.  I think if it was a bit heavier it would slouch a bit less like a nightcap and more like a cool toque.

My hat at the salmon run


I used less than 1 skein of Misti Alpaca’s Tonos Worsted  in colour TW16.  It’s a mix of 50% baby alpaca and 50% merino, and it’s great to work with!  I have the pattern written down, and I’m going to try and write it up.










My hat had its debut at the Adam’s Lake salmon run.  It was the largest run in something like 100 years!  There were salmon everywhere, and the water was red.  It was beautiful!






The camping was really, really cold, but luckily I had my own personal heater to help me out!

Me and Joe











This was also the goodbye trip for my wonderful friend Susana, who went back to Peru a few weeks later.  She’s working hard at home finishing up her MSc.  Luckily she has to come back to Vancouver to defend, so we’ll get to see her again!  We all miss you!  XO

Sucia y salmon

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Hat jealousy!

I absolutely love this hat that Rachel McAdams just sported:

I really want to copy it and look exactly like her in it!  I’m fairly certain I can achieve the first goal at least! I’m going to give it a try in a dark purple wool, and do the main part of the hat in a really cool rib that uses twisted knit stitches.

Here’s a great link where you can zoom in on said hat:



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Mighty Ugly!

Me and Stan at Might Ugly! Photo: Kim Werker

Me and Stan at Might Ugly! Photo: Kim Werker

I had the opportunity to attend one day of the Northern Voices 2010 conference last month, and I’m glad I did!  I was there on behalf of work, but I took a break to attend a session on Fibre Arts.  The speakers were local knitting celebrities I’ve admired from afar for their ability to make a living in the crafting world.  No small feat, as I’m sure Felicia Lo, Mandy Moore and Kim Werker, the speakers at the session, will attest!

The session was inspiring, and gave me some great ideas for future blogging and social media opportunities.  Not that any of those ideas have been realized, but no matter!  At the end of the session they had a contest, giving away two tickets to a Mighty Ugly workshop and a copy of Yarn Bombing, the super cool book on the alternative side of knitting co-authored by Mandy Moore.  Since I already have the book, I wanted the tickets!  And I won!  They said the first person to run down to the podium wearing something handmade would win, and I prevailed using a combination of my speedy powers and an early morning decision to sport my new Malabrigo lace scarf (post to come!).

What is Mighty Ugly?  It is a new website/idea/workshop/online social group started by Kim Werker.  From her site:

“From the time we’re wee lasses and lads, we’re introduced to a world of aesthetic pleasure. We learn to value things that are good-looking, attractive, pretty, cute, fashionable, lovable. And really, of course we should value these things.

But what happens when we find it a real challenge to create attractive things with our own hands? We’re hard on ourselves. We say things like, “I can’t do it.” “I’m untalented.” “I’m not creative.” “I’m a terrible artist.” And we stop making stuff. Or we only make stuff we feel we’re good at.

Well, screw it. Ugly gets short shrift, and it’s just not fair. And beyond that, you might be surprised by what you feel and think when you try hard to make something hideous.”

The challenge is to create something really ugly, not worry about it being perfect, and to have some fun!  I won two tickets to her first workshop held May 10th, and I took the ever-lovely Gilly.  Gilly and I both have our crafting “issues”: Mine is the pursuit of perfection at any cost, and hers is the difficulty at completing knitting projects for fear that they won’t be perfect.  Flip sides of the same coin really!

The workshop was tons of fun!  Totally worth the $35, and even better for me since it was free!  We spent two hours groaning and moaning and laughing at trying to force ourselves to use the ugliest materials possible.  My breaking point came when Gilly made me incorporate a fleecy material adorned with flying pigs.  But I prevailed!  And she even gave me a lock of her hair to use!

You can check out the resulting ugly creature I made in this video.  Gilly’s video is here.  And Kim blogged the whole event.  If you need a present for someone, or are in need of some fun yourself, keep Mighty Ugly in mind!  It was the most laughs I had the whole month!

Thank you Kim!

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Snapdragon for Tif

I have some great friends, and they deserve great presents!  My friend Tif is French from Brittany. Note: she also owns striped shirts and many scarves. Very French!  She asked her mom ages ago to make her a beret.  Her mom tried to make her one, but somehow failed to knit it in the round.  Not quite sure how that works, but a beret it does not create!

For Tif’s birthday I decided to make her a beret in a nice, bright colour.  I love Ysolda’s designs and blog (as I’ve mentioned before), and I thought the Snapdragon Tam would look great on Tif.  It’s like a beret, and also looks a bit Celtic, echoing her Brittany roots.  The pattern and the yarn, which was one skein madelinetosh worsted in gilded, were both great.  And I even followed the pattern exactly as laid out like a good girl!  I think Tif liked it, and I know I loved it!  Note- yarn makers, please make yarn in this colour more often!  It’s so, so nice. 

This was the blocking process.  I used a plate, and balanced it on a glass.  I think the band was a bit large actually, so I didn’t want to stretch that out at all.

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One woman’s trash is another’s treasure

Well, I shouldn’t call this scarf trash, but I really didn’t like it! 

I started making the Phiaro scarf forever ago, and finally finished it and blocked it last month.  I should have realized from the start that this pattern wasn’t really me, but I got swept up as a new and highly enthusiastic knitter!  I made this scarf before I even knew how to knit continental (more on that in another post!), so all of that right-handed slowness made this whole process quite painful. 

I fell in love with a blue-based colourway of Colinette Giotto last summer and had to have it.  It’s a pretty cool novelty yarn, but not very soft and hard to use.  I used two skiens to make my super-long scarf.  The Phiaro uses a really cool technique that’s hard to explain until you try it- you knit the whole thing in the round lengthwise, and then at the end unravel sections.  Finally, you cut the scarf in half.  Note- if you have twisted the knitting when you begin your first round, it doesn’t matter!  You’re cutting it in the end anyways. 

Luckily the scarf didn’t sit on a shelf, neglected, forever.  My friend Gilly, with her love of colour, ended up quite liking it, and I gifted it to her.  No more feeling guilty about all of that time and money spent!  Here are the results:

I think this would be a great project for a Buddhist, as you make a gigantic swath of stockinette, unravel half of it, hate it then give it away!  So it was good for me?

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